Corporate Resources Management Support

We are not only assisting investors in setting up company in Hong Kong and other jurisdictions, but also providing supportive services to investors of establishing efficient and cost effective operations in Hong Kong. For foreign investors who wish to have set up in Mainland China, we also provide necessary supportive services to smooth their operations in Mainland China.

Our standard supportive services to clients are listed below:

  • Review, design and implement internal control system
  • Recruit and select appropriate accounting staff for client office
  • Arrange working visa or investment visa for the business investors and officers
  • Handle payroll and MPF payments
  • Provide management support to oversee client office in Hong Kong or Mainland China
  • Handle commercial papers, e.g. banking and shipping documents
  • Locate suitable operation site / office in Hong Kong and Mainland China
  • Arrange statutory audit
  • Provide or co-source internal audit function
  • Provide business succession planning and advice
  • Provide corporate governance advice

We also offer tailor-made business supportive services to suit for client's unique or specific needs.