Transaction Advisory Services

In the course of carrying of a business, transaction is a daily life. Without any transaction, there would not be an economy. We are sure that you are very familiar with the daily transaction occurred in your daily business. However, when the business grows to a certain stage and comes to a strategic development, like forming a joint venture, making an acquisition or merger, going for a initial public offering exercise (namely, listing), you may need expertise with various professional skill and knowledge to assist you in conducting such special transaction. Our team comprises of various professionals equipped with various special skills and knowledge could render our professional services in your such special move. Our services in this regard include the following:

  • Locate investment opportunities and joint venture partners
  • Arrange financial due diligence and reporting accountants for IPO cases
  • Conduct pre-listing internal control review
  • Assist in Pre-listing / Post-listing preparation and arrangement
  • Arrange business matching
  • Provide advisory service on possible merger and acquisition
  • Provide advisory service on sale and transfer of business
  • Assist in trust set up and administration